Vumos Corporation


Enjoy your drive – your new road is a sustainable piece of your life!

Especially while the product used for the surface is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients such as sugars and starches – DUST/BLOKR® Sugar Blend.

Now we give you one more reason to smile because Vumos GreenRoads supports your life and any location near you with 5% CashBack – year after year!

No matter if it is the playground of the local elementary school, the toy department in your kindergarten, or how to make people feel more comfortable in the local hospital – you all decide together which one we support. Even the smallest drops are the beginning of a powerful stream, which will benefit all the people in your neighborhood – and the environment!

Smile – every Cypher Environmental product order lets the CashBack amount grow, drop by drop!

Every order placed in your municipality, city, or town will increase the CashBack amount by 5% of the order value throughout the whole year because our products are so versatile.

CashBack will be paid out always in the second quarter of the next year in the form of new products or as a gift card, voucher, or material donation straight to the predefined location.

Vumos Green Roads is meant for private road owners, road societies, and municipal roads, not for industrial or mining areas unless another decision with local partners has been made in advance.

Every order placed within this region counts and increases the CashBack amount.

Living where Vumos Green operates = Double CashBack!


If the knowledge and expertise of Vumos Green in civil engineering and landscaping can be used for the location chosen to benefit from the CashBack, we will double this amount and deduct it straight from the Vumos Green invoice. This is our sustainable way of supporting people in their communities.