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Our team


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You can contact Team VUmos by mail, phone, teams, meet, or WhatsApp!

Our sales manager Mr Jan Tikkunen will answer all your questions regarding Cypher Environmental products and help you with any of your projects within the European market area. He also answers any questions regarding industrial services!

+358 (0)444932265

Need to talk to our big boss?

She is the right person and a great multitasking mother holding all the strings together, our CEO and board member Mrs Elina Tervonen.

+358 (0) 20 734 9840

Material, machine, men, or perhaps all together in one package? Our talented founder of the company and board member Mr Jarkko Tervonen will help you out when you need help in any of these cases!

+358 (0) 20 734 9841

Our office dog Martta has the greatest responsibility within the Vumos Team. Taking care of the work-life balance, playful moments, and much more! She not only talks doggish but also pawish, and tallish… loves to rip off all the stuffed toys available! For personal touch please contact our founder and member of the board Mr Jarkko Tervonen.