Vumos Corporation
Data policy

Data policy

Vumos Corporation is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and provides an opportunity to influence data processing through a customer account.

With this privacy statement, we inform our customers about the processing of their personal data. The customer must accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement to use Vumos Corporations site services.

The information we collect is allocated to information derived from the use of user, network services and analytics.
We use information:

  • To provide an easy-to-use and secure service
  • To provide a good customer experience
  • To improve product recommendations and marketing
  • To develop customer service and e-commerce
  • To process and deliver the order placed by you

Registrar and its contact information

The controller of the personal data to be processed shall work:

Vumos Oy (Y-tunnus: 2199811-3)
Valtalanniementie 268
88270 Vuolijoki

You can ask for more information about data protection and processing of personal data by sending an email to

Which of your information can we collect?

User’s self-issued or identifying information

  • Identification information such as name
  • Contact information such as address, email address and phone number
  • Payment details if the billing is agreed separately
  • With the customer’s consent, the location information used to evaluate the delivery time
  • The e-mail address used for logging in to the customer account and certificate

Data derived from the use of services and analytics

  • Shopping History, Ordered products and their price information
  • Delivery information such as selected Delivery method and delivery address
  • Product Reviews
  • Site access and browsing information and terminal identification information
  • Product recommendation and other information and tags used for targeted content

Providing identifier, contact and payment information is mandatory in order to buy products from over the Internet.
The main source of the data is the user itself, and we may also get more information about our partners, such as a payment service provider.
Personal information we have received from third parties we will report in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation in the first contact with the customer or at the latest within one month of the reception of personal data.

What is your personal information used for?

Your personal information is used

  • To maintain customer relationship
  • Order delivery, processing and archiving
  • VUMOS Corporations activities and services
  • To improve customer experience
  • for analytics and for statistical purposes
  • To produce more personalized targeted content and marketing
  • To prevent abuse
  • To provide a better customer service

Information is processed in and for the customer relationship between the customer and the Vumos Corporation, agreement , site use, separate and explicit customers consent agreement, or based on the obligations of the legislation.

How is my data stored and protected?

All personal data are protected from unauthorized access and accidental or illegally disposal, modification, transmission, transfer, transfer or other illegal treatment.

Vumos Corporation stores and processes customer information received through https: // in Germany. Our site is hosted by Ionos, Elgendorfer Straße 57, DE – 56410 Montabaur. Ionos works as part of a European United Internet AG Group.

All servers and systems as well as the technical level of the systems and processes are at a very high level and they have a security management system based on ISO 27001, where the servers are protected against loss of data and service attacks.

In the processing and technical solutions in regard to personal data, we comply with good privacy policies for example in consolidation, minimization, pseudomination, anonymity and encrypting of information. The processing of personal data has taken into account the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation applicable from 25 May 2018.

All access to personal information is monitored in accordance with good practices.

Who deals with my personal information?

Access to customer information is only accessible by VUMOS OY’s own employees and our staff is trained to use data safely and ethically. Each of our staff sees customer information only in the extent that it is necessary to perform job tasks.

We use trusted contract partners, which allows us the transfer of your personal information to a third party. All partners have taken into account the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation and other legislation. Read more about third parties from the paragraph “Is my data being transferred to third parties?”.

Company responsible for processing information:

Vumos Oy (Y-tunnus: 2199811-3)
Valtalanniementie 268
88270 Vuolijoki

How long will my data be stored?

We will keep your personal information only for the necessary time so that we can meet the uses described in this leaflet. In addition, some information may be maintained for more than those in order to implement the obligations imposed by law, such as accounting and consumer trade responsibilities and their proper implementation.

When you place an order either by phone or email to a pick-up point in Kajaani, either in Karankalahti, or in the city center without a customer account, the information you provided to us will be saved only as long we need it to process your order and so that we can keep you up to date with your order. Your contact information will be removed immediately when the order has been processed.

At request of the customer, personal data for him/her can be removed and anonymified out of the systems of Vumos. Removal and anonymity measure is irreversible, and we can not restore deleted customer accounts.

For some information, legislation sets obligations for longer-term recording, i.e. for the following purposes:

  • The accounting law defines longer retention times for information regardless of whether the material contains personal data or not
  • Fulfillment of consumer trade liabilities such as potential guarantees
  • The log information of the systems is collected and stored as required by law so that we can provide the lawful and secure e-commerce to our customers
  • Adequate backups of site databases and systems to secure data, remedy error situations and security and continuity certification

What kind of rights do I have?

As a customer you have the right to:

  • To get access to personal information about yourself, including the right to receive a copy of the personal information about you
  • Ask for rectifying or eliminating personal data
  • Under certain conditions ask for the limitation of processing or to oppose the processing of your personal data

In addition, if the processing is based on a separate consent, you have the right to cancel your consent at any time. Please note that this does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing of the consent before the consent. You can change your settings on your Customer Account page.

You can make a request in regard to the use of your rights by contacting our customer service. The request must be sufficiently identified so that our customer service can authenticate your identity. We will contact you if we are not able to take your request, such as to eliminate all the information that we have, a statutory obligation (for example, payment information) or legal obligation.

If you find that there are deficiencies in your personal information or it is unlawful, you have the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

How do I access my personal information stored in your system?

You can ask the information stored at Vumos over the from customer account management or contact us by email:
“Which personal information can you collect?” tells you everything about what kind of personal information we collect, process and store.

How can I affect the use of my data?

Vumos Corporation is committed to providing its customers with the opportunity to influence the processing of their data. You can decide on your targeted marketing, value-added services, and taking or not to receive different marketing messages. We are constantly developing our service, so functions can be added, changed or deleted. The customer can also terminate its customer account and ask Vumos to remove all of the personal information related to this account by contacting customer service.

Note! In some cases, all information can not be removed and the legislation may require to maintain part of the customer-related information.

Will my personal information be transferred to third parties?

We can transfer some of the necessary information to third parties to ensure delivery and marketing. Your information is also transmitted to the person responsible for the service.

We use customer information with third parties for analytical and personalization purposes. We take advantage of purchasing behaviors and browsing information with your partners so that we can better provide you with interesting products and offers. The information used for analytics and personalization purposes is anonymized or pseudonymised whenever possible, and we are not trying to combine any information with your name.

If necessary, we also disclose information to the authorities. We will always inform information about requests for information if it is permitted under the law.

We will forward information to the following third parties:

  • For analytics and statistical partners
  • For product recommendation and personalization partners
  • For the shipping company if the selected delivery method is the transportation to the pick-up point, to the nearest post office or to your home door
  • Payment service provider with bank or credit card paying
  • To the billing operator when a billing is selected for payment
  • Customs, products for tax-free purchases (foreign trade)
  • To the collection company if the invoices mature and move to recovery

Vumos Corporation takes care of the high level of security and protection when transferring and processing information in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation. Third-party data processing levels are confirmed by the European Commission’s model contract clauses, the European Commission’s binding data protection provisions or other approved applications under the Data Protection Regulation.

The customer may limit the disclosure of data for marketing and analytical purposes through cookies and browser settings.

Are you using cookies on the site and what are they?

Vumos Corporation uses cookies and other similar techniques such as a browser’s local cache (“Local Storage”). Cookies are small text files between the browser and server of the terminal. Cookies and other tags have a validity period, after which the browser removes the tag. We use these techniques to implement operations, to personalize, and for analytics and marketing targeting.

Functional cookies and local storage are used for example. Customer identification, login maintenance, delivery time estimates and shopping cart functions. For these activities, the use of cookies and local inventory is mandatory. The functional cookies set by the server and the variables of the local inventory remain in the browser from minutes to even years unless they are separately removed from the browser settings. The site visit sets cookies and local inventory variables when the browser is allowed.

We utilize the analytical and service tools provided by Google on our site such as a map service. Products, trends and selling analysis and consent also with your marketing targeting information to Google only contain anonymized or pseudonymised information and we can not directly connect it to you. Read moreabout Google Analytics data policy.

In addition to the privacy functions of the Account Management, you can refuse marketing to target marketing by introducing your browser the DO NOT TRACK function and by setting your browser to reject third-party cookies. In your Account the Privacy Settings of the Account Manager will overwrite the browsers do not Track function.

You will find more information about the possibilities of different browsers to protect your privacy on the Internet from their developers and providers.

Can this data protection policy be changed?

As a result of the development of services and changes in legislation, we reserve the right to change the data protection statement. Significant changes to the Privacy Statement are always reported on our site and to registered corporate customers during updating terms.

Whom may I contact?

You can contact us at any time in regard to all privacy, data processing, and data protection issues by sending us an email to