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Our projects

Sotkamo, Juholankyläntie 27.08.2021

600 m of local access roads were treated with Dust/Blokr SB. Our first road construction project for a municipality.

The surface was losing a lot of its own material as the road was in bad shape. Leaving gravel and stones on the top forming potholes every couple of meters. We prepared our liquid mixture consisting of Dust/Blokr Sugar Blend and water in the morning. As our construction project location was a few kilometers of drive, we pour the liquid at our HQ and drive a water truck to the project location.

It was important to provide safety to road users as well as to the machine operators. After barriers were put into place, we start to pour an additional gravel mixture evenly on the surface properly mixing it with the previous soil. Later it was time to spray Dust/Blokr Sugar Blend liquid mixture. The application ratio was 500ml per square meter of DBSB and diluted with 2-3L(/m2) of water.

We let the liquid penetrate into the soil and we mix it with the soil in a few passes, before the compaction of the surface could take place. At the end of compaction, we added another 100ml of DBSB per m2 to seal the surface and let it dry before letting traffic onto the road.

Check the result for yourself in the video above!

Vieremä Puistorinne 15. and 17.09.2021

550 m of gravel road through a suburban area got Dust/Blokr SB treatment. Due to low temperatures, we decided to give the topical sealing first after 48 hours and it was the right decision!


The tennis court in the municipality of Katerini was in poor shape and the local mayor wanted to have an environmentally friendly and sustainable surface. Vumos provided the Dust/Blokr Sugar Blend and together with the local distributor ICM Ilikon coordinated the whole construction project. See the progress and the whole story with final result at LinkedIn!


On August 21st 2023 we stabilized part of the Tenetinkuja road surface using Road//Stabilizr and Dust/Blokr Sugar Blend. Thsi road is a typical finnish unpaved countryside road with issues such as potholes, ruttings and becoming softer with excessive rains. Despite the very low clay content, the lane treated only with Road//Stabilizr performs very well. The other lane where both products were used, is in a very good condition. This is the best proof of good results when using both products together for stabilizing purposes.

The technical pdf – data sheet to this project in english can be viewed and downloaded through this link. This file also includes the soil gradation (particle size analysis), stabilization depth and the amount of products used for this project.

Have a look at all the details and the project video right here. Starting the video below activates the YouTube – service and you automatically accept their terms of use.

If you prefer to watch the full movie, with more details regarding the machines and the equipment used, made by Suokone Oy, you can use this link to YouTube.

About 22 days after the project we returned to see how the surface performs after having had regular rains. As a comparison we used the rest of the road, which was only crushed and compacted using the same equipment but without any products.

Following footage is taken on the untreated section of the road:

The road surface of the untreated section of this road looks visually very good, but when you start to scratch the surface, you can easily erase any stones, gravel and sand.

The following footage is taken on the treated section where the lane was stabilized only using Road//Stabilizr:

Despite of the low clay content the road material on this part of the road treated only with Road//Stabilizr is very well compacted and bound together and it is not easy to erase any of the material.

The following material is from the treated section where both products were used to stabilize the road surface:

The surface treated with both Dust/Blokr SB and Road//Stabilizr is well compacted and the road aggregate is well bound together. Trying to scratch the surface without luck. The dark brown colour is due to Dust/Blokr SB.