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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

Products sold on have a general 14-day right of exchange and return. You can cancel your order without giving us a reason. The time of your right of exchange and return is calculated upon receipt of the product, or for products shipped in several batches when the last partial shipment has been received, even if the products have been received on behalf of someone other than the customer, such as at a construction site or warehouse.

Please note that there is a charge for the return of shipments. The returned product must be unused, salable, and in its original packaging. Please remember to return all parts, including operating instructions and covers. If you would like a refund picked up from your home, please contact our customer service. In this case, we will charge the cost of the return.

Upon receipt of the order, immediately check that the shipment and the products contained in it are in good condition. If you notice any damage, report the damage to the shipping company immediately. After that, also contact our customer service to agree on the delivery of a new product or spare part.

If the product you receive is broken or defective, or you have received the wrong product, you can also send it as a free customer return to our warehouse for replacement intact or correct. Please contact customer service so that we can arrange a free return of the defective product.

Restrictions and consequences of return

When you want to return the product you ordered, you will get a refund of the price of the product you paid us. If the product is otherwise in good condition and corresponds to the product description and is not defective, the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product.

The customer is responsible for the costs of returning the soil. Bulk is always checked at the time of return for weight. Please note that due to fluctuations in moisture content, the price of the returned product may not correspond directly to the purchase price.

The customer is also responsible for the return of dust-binding and soil stabilization products sent as freight if the product is otherwise in good condition and corresponds to the product description.

The right to return a product is not granted if it is a commodity manufactured, ordered, or modified specifically at the request of the buyer when the work has started to be completed or the purchase order for the product to be purchased for the customer has been completed.

Such products include:

  • custom-made soils and growing media
  • products ordered from the manufacturer according to customer requirements
  • custom-made terraces and other commissioned structures in horticulture
  • products that are no longer in their original packaging or which have been significantly impaired by testing
  • industrial services

If the customer takes over the use of the goods, he is responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods. The seller may recover the amount corresponding to the impairment of the goods. If the goods have become unsaleable, the seller may refuse to refund the amount paid by the consumer.

Return instructions

Pack the products carefully, and put plenty of padding around the products. Opened product packages must be sealed cleanly without damaging the products and the package. If the product requires separate collection, the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product. pays for shipping if the product you receive is damaged. Returns take up to two weeks to process.

Note! We only redeem returns sent from Finland. If you want to exchange the returned product for another product, return the previous product according to our instructions and place a new order at is not responsible for damage to products packaged negligently or in violation of the terms of the agreement. Costs incurred due to errors caused by the Customer will be charged to the Customer. reserves the right to charge the Customer if the return is made without cause or in violation of the terms of the agreement. The customer will be charged for shipping and handling. The customer is obliged to keep copies of the returned documents. The tracking ID from the customer return is the only way to prove the shipment. By returning the products, you accept the return policy.

The refund will be paid using the same payment method used to pay for the order in the online store. If you paid for your order by invoice, credit card, or PayPal, you will receive an email notification when your return has been processed and your payment has been refunded. It will take a few business days after processing for your refund to appear in your form of payment

At the customer service office you can reach Mon-Fri from 8 am to 3 pm by e-mail or by phone +358 20 734 9840 When calling from abroad, the price is based on the local operator’s price list.

Return options

Postal package:

Write on the return package address:

  • Vumos Oy
  • Returns / Kajaani
  • Varastokatu 5
  • 87100 Kajaani, Finland

Take the return package to the Post service point. Always ask for a receipt for sending a return, and keep it until you receive a notice of refund or a new product. Be sure to include a free-form and completed return form.

Shipping must be returned to:

  • Vumos Oy
  • Returns / Karanka
  • Ruuhijärventie 91
  • 87900 Kajaani

Return to warehouse or point of sale

You can also return the unused product you ordered to Vumos’ Kajaani office or directly to the warehouse. Carefully place the product in the original sales packaging, and complete the free-form return form. Once the refund has been accepted, a refund will be made to the payment method you use in accordance with the normal online store return policy.

For example, exchanging a product for another product is only possible at our point of sale, depending on our selections. If it is not possible to exchange for another product, we can also change the purchase price of the product to a gift card, which you can redeem with your next purchase.