Vumos Corporation
Multiple services

Multiple services

Environmental management – official distributor for Cypher Environmental

Dust suppression, soil stabilizing, and other stock-pile solutions all in one place. Let us find together the right industrial service for your success! A full list of countries where we serve environmental solutions can be found on the official site of Cypher: Find a distributor/ sales agent – Cypher Environmental

 Machinery & material for industry

Sometimes you only need manpower, sometimes machine power – we offer you both options in one hand!

Gravel, sand, soil & stones in various sizes

Good basement to build your success story with – many of the materials are CE certified according to your needs!

Green & rental machines pick and go

You don’t have to own everything when only the best result counts! We’ll keep you blooming just as long as you need it! Ask our team for availability and long-term prices! Landscaping is one of our industrial services available to customers located in Finland.