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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Canadian Cypher Environmental´s products

Dust/Blokr Sugar Blend

Environmentally friendly dust suppression agent for all unpaved surfaces such as roads, parking areas, airports, horse arenas, forest roads,.. DB-SB is the perfect choice without any negative environmental impact. Depending on the application method it may even reduce your fuel consumption!


This product targets soils with clay content and is extremely cost-efficient. With only one liter you can treat up to 166 square meters of soil. Road//Stabilizr is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Watch the video to see how R//S treated road performs in heavy rain with heavy loads compared to untreated one.

Dust/Blokr Polymer Blend

For outdoor stockpiles and tailings ponds. Suitable especially for hydrofobic materials such as coke.

The attached video has been made at Colombian coal mine and shows perfectly the protecting properties of DB-PB compared to the untreated material.

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  • Dust/Blokr® Polymer Blend Erosioncontrol


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  • DUST/BLOKR® Sugar Blend


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  • Road//Stabilizr ProForest Special Offer

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  • Road/Stabilizr® soil stabilizer

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