Vumos expands its earthwork and landscapping services to Eastern and Central Finland
Vumos expands its earthwork and landscapping services to Eastern and Central Finland

Vumos expands its earthwork and landscapping services to Eastern and Central Finland

Vumos Oy, a family-run business from the Kainuu specializing in earthwork, stone, and green construction strengthens its operations in the construction market in Eastern and Central Finland. The company has signed a cooperation agreement for logistics and infrastructure services with the conglomerate Savon Kuljetus Oy.

With the cooperation agreement, Vumos Oy’s green construction services expand the logistics, earthworks, and aggregates expertise of Savon Kuljetus Oy, a multinational infrastructure services company. Savon Kuljetus’s CEO Jyri Kuivala is satisfied with the contract signing. According to Kuivala, Vumos Green’s services are the perfect addition to Savo Kuljetus’ operations.

The goal is to ensure the growth of both companies through the power of cooperation from outside the regions and increase market share through larger earthworks and landscaping construction contracts.

“Together, we can do large-scale contracts that require special green construction skills. Together, we offer earthwork and aggregates, and we complete green construction projects. We are able to serve an increasingly large area in Kainuu as well as in Eastern and Central Finland,” CEO of Savon Kuljetus Jyri Kuivala describes.

“Agility, efficiency, and competitiveness are now essential skills in the construction market. With this agreement entering validity, we are stronger. We are able to serve our customers with a wider range of services,” said Kuivala.

Chairman of Vumos Oy, Jarkko Tervonen sees Savo Kuljetus as an excellent and reliable partner for strengthening the company’s services.

More cooperation, efficiency, and increasing sizes of contracts. Both companies have quarry areas in Kainuu, serving the customers in the region. The goal for both companies is to increase turnover, and with a strong partner on our side, we will have more opportunities and time to do so. We now employ almost 30 green building specialists. In the future with larger contracts, we are going to increase this number, so the partnership has a positive effect on employment, Jarkko Tervonen describes.

More information about Savon Kuljetus Oy & Vumos Oy

Savon Kuljetus Group is a multi-sector company producing aggregates, transport, logistics, and infrastructure services. The group includes, in addition to the parent company Savon Kuljetus Oy, e.g. Keski-Suomen Kuljetus Oy, KSK Logistiikka & Infra Oy, Nieminen Sora Oy, Suomen GPS-Mittaus Oy, and Tuomaan Rakennus Oy. We mainly operate in the North and South Savo region, in Central Finland and North Karelia. Our group employs almost 180 strong experts and our turnover is around 133 million euros. We are a rapidly growing operator in the infrastructure sector. It is important to us to provide our customers with truly personal service, high quality, and reliability. That’s why Savo Transport always is true to its word.

Vumos Oy is a family-run company founded in 2008, which consists of Vumos Industrial Solutions – and Vumos Green’s services. Vumos’s services include e.g. civil engineering and machinery contracting and environmentally friendly industrial dust binding and soil stabilizing products. Vumos Green’s expertise includes green and environmental construction services, from foundation construction to lawns, plantings, and stonework. Vumos employs more than 50 experts in these fields and the company’s turnover is approx. EUR 5 million.

Savon Kuljetus Oy, CEO Jyri Kuivala, mob. number +358 44 727 2620
Vumos Oy, Chairman Jarkko Tervonen,, mob. number +358 50 570 8982