Road/Stabilizr® soil stabilizer
Road/Stabilizr® soil stabilizer

Road/Stabilizr® soil stabilizer

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  • Road//Stabilizr is ® a truly environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective road floor stabilisation product.
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All climates

Works in all climates!

Suitable to many roads

Suitable to various roads

Reduces rolling resistance

Reduces rolling resistance

Reduces Costs for road maintenance

Reduces Costs for road maintenance

More strength!

More strength!

Only one treatment!

Only one treatment!

Durable and stable

Durable and stable!

Highly concentrated

Highly concentrated!

Reduces fuel consumption

Reduces fuel consumption!

Cost reductions

Cost reductions

Enables use of cheaper materials

Enables use of cheaper material

Biodegradable within month

Biodegradable within month

Road//Stabilizr ® soil stabilizer is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly, highly cost-effective road base and soil stabilization product. Up to 33 m3 of soil can be treated with only one liter of concentrate.

Its effectiveness is based on enzymes, electrolytes. It does not contain any corrosive ingredients harmful to the environment, such as salt. It reacts together with the clay section of the soil, permanently altering its properties.

After treatment, the clay loses its ability to bind water, which causes the roadbed to condense much better and also helps it maintain good driving properties in changing and moist weather conditions.

Have a look at the video & see how the road performs compared to the untreated one:

The product is liquid and easily soluble in water, so no special equipment is needed for its application. The use of the product requires a certain clay quality from the soil and about 20% of the total soil mass. If the clay is not found on site, transporting and processing it into the soil will cause additional costs.

However, the processing pays off for itself through the road’s longevity and ease of care.  Roads established with Road//Stabilizr® are very long-lasting and very resistant to heavy traffic.

We would love to tell you more about this product personally. We can also help you arrange the necessary soil testing and assist you through the whole project! The following calculator can help you estimate the material costs for your project.

Download our latest brochure here:  Vumos Environmental Management

Manuals & safety data sheet

If you are visiting our booth at trade fairs and receive a sample bottle, we recommend you to have a look at the instructions given on our website or in the brochures.  On this page, you can find valuable information for testing our product.

Look, at how we use Road//Stabilizr ® soil stabilization with the application called In-Situ in the illustrated manual. Download our illustrated manual.

You can read and download the current safety data sheet in English by using this link. Should you require the full file in any other language, please contact us: at

If you need more information,  please contact our sales team at Vumos. You may also fill out this questionnaire.

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