Dust/Blokr® Polymer Blend Erosioncontrol
Dust/Blokr® Polymer Blend Erosioncontrol

Dust/Blokr® Polymer Blend Erosioncontrol


  • DUST/BLOKR® Polymer Blend is a liquid polymer emulsion
  • powerful protection for outdoors from the erosion caused by wind and rain
  • suitable for hydrophobic materials like coal and for tailings ponds
  • available in 1.000 liter IBC container
  • price EXW Tallinn warehouse with free truck delivery to specific countries within the European Union. To other countries and regions we can organize truck transport upon request or the customer can arrange pick-up
  • basic price  € 12,90 / liter (incl. VAT)

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Erosion control for stock piles outdoors

Dust/Blokr® Polymer Blend is a water-based vinyl acrylic emulsion which diluted in water can be sprayed in thin layers onto the material that needs protection outdoors.

Once dry, DB-PB creates a slightly elastic film on the surface protecting the material from the erosion caused by rain or wind depending on the dilution ratio up to several months.

The product is suitable also to hydrofobic products such as coal. The most common purposes for use are stock piles consisting of various coal types outdoors i.e. for the steel works or electricity plants using coal,  the tailings ponds in the mining industry as well as raw material piles for construction and concrete industry.

On this page you can find valuable information for testing this product.

Instructions for use

  • before starting, calculate your material demand in advance and choose a water tank big enough for your purpose and the pump equipment strong enough – upon request and if nearby, Vumos can offer you a complete service with our trained team and machines.
  • put some water into the tank before adding the Dust/Blokr® Polymer Blend and give the rest of the water into your tank after that.
  • should you have stored the product for a longer period of time such winter moths, we recommend you to use a circulation pump for a couple of minutes to ensure an even concentration of polymers in the liquid before using it!  Look for further details here PolymerBlend_Guideline
  • choose the right spraying head for the job according to the material which needs to be treated in advance and make a short test with plain water. If the material on site is very fine, you should rather try to choose a spraying head for as small drops as possible to avoid heavy run off on the surface while treating it.  For more coarse and sandy or grainy material you can sprinkle the liquid easier.
  • For your personal protection: Please wear protective eyeglasses and gloves. Avoid repeated skin contact. Wear long clothing. If in eyes, rinse immediately with pleanty of fresh water. Remove glasswear and if possible, contact lenses and continue rinsing.  May cause skin irriration after repeated contact.
  • spray the liquid in 2 – 3 thin layers letting each layer dry a couple of minutes and get absorbed before adding the next one.
  • Let the surface dry – depending on the climate situation and the material this might take time from a couple of hours up to a whole day!
  • The protective film is now ready. Depending on the dilution ratio and the amount of concentrate used per square meter this protection can last from several months up to more than a year.

If you need more information regarding the suitability and durability of this product, please feel free to contact us. Should you wish to use the material once treated in a further process or as an ingredient for another product, we always recommend you to do some preliminary testing before using it. Upon request we can provide you with a small sample for your compatibility testing in a laboratory.

Safety data sheet

If you want to get familiar with the product beforehand, you may view the current english safety data sheet here. Should you need it in any other European language, please kindly contact our sales team by sending a message to info@vumos.fi

You can download or view here the latest Vumos brochure “Environmental Management”.


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